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To Envision the Future of IT, Look to the Past

Envisioning the future of IT including collaboration, contact center, or even a move to the Cloud may be as simple as looking and learning from the past.
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Know Your Unified Communications Then Find the Right Partner

Leaning on a reputable Unified Communications (UC) partner will help you make the most of your collaboration tools and digital transformation.
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Employee Collaboration is Key to Customer Experience

Happy employees equal happy customers, so choose your collaboration technology wisely for the right tools play a pivotal role in this harmonious equation.
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Secure Collaboration in Manufacturing is Essential

Today's manufacturing businesses flourish when they leverage secure, anytime, anywhere, collaboration solutions.
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Collaboration Essential for Financial Services to Succeed

Financial services companies must embrace change to survive by utilizing collaboration tools and partnering with the right IT service organization.
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Five Layers for Secure Healthcare Collaboration

Encryption, integration, segmentation, device management, and administrative control are five important layers to ensure secure healthcare collaboration.
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Cisco Webex Ups Collaboration Productivity With New Feature

Ciscos Webex's new feature, People Insights, offers contextual information that further enhances the collaboration experience while improving productivity.
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Unified Communications (UC) Keeps Businesses Collaborating

Unified communications (UC) means all your technologies work together in one secure system making it easier for employees to connect and collaborate.
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Five Ways Cisco Webex Calling Makes Collaboration Smarter

Cisco Webex Calling is a cloud-based communication solution offering secure and intelligent collaboration experiences to meet users' high expectations.
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Cognitive Collaboration: The X Factor in Next-Gen Communications

Cognitive Collaboration enables high-performance teams and customer experiences with its powerful, built-in artificial intelligence (AI).
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Smarter Unified Communications in Five Steps

You can achieve smarter unified communications (UC) that strategically align with your business when you follow five important steps.
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ShoreGroup Renews Cisco Advanced Collaboration Architecture Specialization

ShoreGroup was recently recognized by Cisco for once again achieving the distinguished Advanced Collaboration Architecture Specialization.
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Tips for Increasing Adoption of Unified Communications in Healthcare

Implementing a unified communications healthcare platform at your health system is only the first step. How do you promote adoption among end users?
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Company Culture and Collaboration Determines Digital Transformation

Peter Drucker coined the term, Culture eats strategy for breakfast. This is important to remember when you create your digital transformation strategy.
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Gartner's 2018 UCaaS Magic Quadrant Should Be an Eye Opener

According to Gartner, there's a major shift from premises-based Unified Communications (UC) to cloud Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS).
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News Flash: Cisco Spark is Now Cisco Webex

Recently, Cisco announced that Cisco Spark is now Cisco Webex. Read this post to get the latest details and what these changes mean to you.
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Q&A with ShoreGroup’s CEO on IT Infrastructure Management Directions

In the second Q&A in our series, we asked ShoreGroup's CEO, John McCarthy, about emerging trends in IT infrastructure management and operations.
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Cloud Q&A on Contact Center and Collaboration with ShoreGroup's CEO

ShoreGroup's CEO, John McCarthy, discusses his thoughts on the Cloud's impact on contact center and collaboration. Read this Q&A interview to learn more.
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Which Tool for Improving Collaboration is Right for My Team?

Modern communications systems give you the opportunity to improve collaboration. Here's a look at some popular tools including Cisco Webex Teams.
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Encourage Collaboration With These Software Tools

Lack of collaboration is a common problem at corporations. Read our blog post to learn how to encourage collaboration with these helpful software tools.
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There's a Lack Of Collaboration In The Workplace

Business leaders cite a lack of collaboration in the workplace as one of many issues they face. Learn 3 reasons why workplaces struggle with collaboration.
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Fear The Future of Unified Communications

In order to stay competitive in any field, you have to keep up with emerging technologies. Learn why you should fear the future of unified communications.
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Improve Collaboration Between Teams With This Tool

Modern communications systems give you the opportunity to improve collaboration between all teams of your organization, but which one is right for you?
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How to Add a Spark to Your Team Collaboration Toolkit

Become a more productive, agile, and creative team when you use Cisco Webex Teams — A team collaboration platform suited for today's agile teams' needs.
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Cisco Spark Features Not Found in Other Collaboration Tools

Not all collaboration tools are created equal. Find out how some of Cisco Spark features are not found in other common collaboration tools.
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How to Pick the Right Internal Office Communication Software Tool

How do you know which tool is the best for your enterprise? Learn how to pick the right internal office communication software here.
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Three Tips to Improve Intra-Team Communication Right Away

When team members fail to communicate effectively, business operations suffer. Learn 3 tips on how to improve intra-team communication right away.
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Collaboration: Are You Stuck Between What You Know and the Future?

Most businesses know that change is inevitable, but such change may be difficult in terms of business collaboration. Learn what can help ease the tension.
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The Next Collaboration Revolution

The time for collaboration is now and there are great collaboration technologies out there that can help. Are you ready for the collaboration revolution?
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