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In Healthcare, Good Disaster Recovery Planning is Essential

Good disaster recovery planning doesn’t have to break the bank. Learn about preparing your health insurance contact center for fires, floods, and storms.
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Redundancy in Cloud Computing Means Checking Four Areas

Leverage the Cloud to ensure your organization stays up-and-running by focusing on four levels of redundancy: hardware, process, network, and geographic.
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Good Disaster Recovery Planning Makes All The Difference In Healthcare

A healthcare's contact center core systems need to be designed with a disaster recovery plan in mind so that they're not impacted by any catastrophes.
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Embrace the Cloud for Disaster Recovery to Withstand IT Damage

Protect against data loss, outages, and other potential disruptions by leveraging the cloud into your IT disaster recovery strategy.
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Three Ways to Avoid Data Loss Due to Natural Disaster

Safeguard your IT infrastructure from data loss due to natural disasters by taking the right steps.
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