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ShoreGroup did a fantastic job managing multiple projects and helping us meet infrastructure deadlines. Their deep technical know-how and resources helped the project tremendously.
Jason Tahaney
Director of Information Technology, Hunterdon Healthcare
In the healthcare industry, there is a lot at stake if your IT systems aren’t operating at peak performance. Networks enable the flow of critical medical information. Contact centers serve patients who are dealing with intense situations. Phone lines literally become lifelines.

ShoreGroup helps healthcare systems overcome industry-specific IT challenges, like unifying the phone systems of dispersed hospitals and medical offices, improving contact center operations to enhance patient experiences, and ensuring patients’ sensitive medical data is safe from cyber threats.

ShoreGroup has been providing information technology solutions for healthcare systems since 1999. We understand the high-stakes nature of healthcare IT, which is why we’ve developed proven methodologies to ensure we always get the job done right. Whatever your healthcare IT needs, ShoreGroup has the team to help you tackle them.

How Effective is your Healthcare Organization's Data Security?
The healthcare sector is a growing target for cyber criminals. In the last five years, as many as 80 million people had their data compromised as a result of major healthcare breaches. Can you say for certain that your healthcare data security is meeting best practices?

See how ShoreGroup helped Brooklyn Hospital upgrade their contact center which resulted in better patient care and service.

ShoreGroup - Brooklyn Hospital


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