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Internet of Things Consulting Services

The Internet of Things is the next great frontier of enterprise technology.

With the cost of computing and storage decreasing year after year, it’s not hard to imagine an environment where everything—from vehicles to shipping containers to doorknobs—is connected to a centralized network.

Everyone is talking about the Internet of Things, and I don’t want my business to get left behind.

That future might be a long way off, but the IoT revolution has already begun for many organizations.

Devices like POS terminals, electric meters, and thermostats have all become more useful and more efficient as they’ve become increasingly connected.


Forward-thinking business leaders recognize the opportunities presented by the IoT. Optimizing processes, maximizing consumer insights, reducing maintenance costs, even creating radical new business models—there are exciting possibilities hiding in every smart device.

My team has had some success using IoT devices, but it’s starting to put a strain on my wireless network.

However, supporting all of these connected devices is a challenge.

Existing IT infrastructure needs to be evaluated and updated. Security vulnerabilities need to be identified and patched. Policies and procedures need to be designed and tested.


If you’re looking to take advantage of the IoT, then working with an experienced IT partner that offers Internet of Things services is the next step. The right partner can help you connect your smart devices securely, quickly, and with minimal hassle.

I want to take advantage of IoT technology, but not until I know my infrastructure is strong and secure enough to handle it.

Connecting the Dots for a Connected Future

ShoreGroup can help you lay the groundwork for your own IoT revolution.

ShoreGroup’s solutions architects earned their stripes architecting IT systems to handle the toughest operational challenges. Our broad experience makes us ideally suited to offer Internet of Things services to organizations of all sizes.

When you choose to work with ShoreGroup, we’ll assess your current IT environment to determine whether you’re ready to handle an influx of new connections. Next, we’ll design and implement a wireless network that can support your IoT needs now and in the future. Finally, we’ll identify potential security risks presented by the IoT, and make recommendations for remediation.

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