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A 15 year partnership based on trust and integrity, with an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.
Chris Maitner
Vice President, IT Operations, GAF Corporation
For manufacturers, improving communication is the secret to success—whether it’s one piece of equipment communicating with another, an employee communicating with their supervisor, or administration communicating with third parties up and down the supply chain.

ShoreGroup designs and implements custom storage, computing, and network architecture solutions for manufacturers, giving clients the foundation they need to take advantage of the latest equipment and software.

Whether we’re building robust wireless networks to support IoT devices, improving collaboration to enable just-in-time manufacturing, or overhauling contact centers to better connect the manufacturer with suppliers and customers, ShoreGroup does it all with an understanding of the unique needs of our manufacturing clients.

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Why a Good Team Communication Platform Isn't Enough

Choosing the right collaboration platform is a challenge, but it’s only half the battle. Making sure your tools foster true collaboration and are actually helpful to the people who use them every day is an essential part of improving your team’s performance.

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