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Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy (“Policy”) pertains to information obtained from your activity on the ShoreGroup Solutions (“ShoreGroup”) website and other interactions with ShoreGroup. ShoreGroup highly values personal privacy and we are committed to making your experience with our company a pleasant one.

Our Sites

ShoreGroup uses a website consisting of www.shoregroup.com and linked pages residing on this site (collectively, “Site”) to deliver various forms of information and services (collectively, “Services”). ShoreGroup provides these Services in accordance with the statements made in this Policy.

Our Services

ShoreGroup understands that your privacy is important to you, and we are committed to respecting your privacy and protecting your information. This Policy applies to personally identifiable information (PII) that ShoreGroup collects in connection with providing relevant information and assistance to you. It covers the collection and use of information from interactions you have with ShoreGroup, and any device used to access or connect to the Site, Services, and enabling third-party systems.

This Policy summarizes the types of PII we collect, and how we use, safeguard, gain access to, and update or correct this information. Also summarized are the circumstances in which we may disclose personal information.


1.1 Right of Access and Rectification of Your PII

You have the right to access your PII that ShoreGroup possesses and request changes. To do so, see Section 8: “CONTACT INFORMATION” to submit your request. We will make the requested changes within three business days. Your identity must be verifiable via email or phone.

1.2 Right to Object to Processing PII

You have the right to opt out of receiving marketing communications from ShoreGroup. You also have the right to reject the processing of your PII except where processing is required by applicable law, or, where ShoreGroup has a need to process it and processing is permitted by applicable law. Most communications have the means to opt out defined within them. If there is no means, see Section 8: “CONTACT INFORMATION” and submit an opt-out request. You may still receive separate administrative and contractual communications regarding your relationship with ShoreGroup.

1.3 Right Not to Provide Consent or to Withdraw Consent

ShoreGroup may rely on your consent to collect certain PII or to use it in the way described in this Policy or in supplemental privacy statements. Where we rely on your consent, you have the right not to consent, and if you have provided consent, you have the right to withdraw your consent. The withdrawal of your consent does not affect the lawfulness of ShoreGroup’s use of PII before you withdrew consent. Moreover, ShoreGroup may have other bases, permitted or required by law, to preserve or continue using your PII.

1.4 Right to Be Forgotten

You may have the right to have your PII erased from ShoreGroup’s systems. For instance, if you are no longer a customer of ShoreGroup’s Services and there is no outstanding contractual obligation that makes it necessary for ShoreGroup to use your PII, you may request that ShoreGroup erase any PII about you.

1.5 Right to Restrict Processing

You may have the right to ask that ShoreGroup restrict the use of your PII in certain circumstances, such as your belief that collection or use of the PII was not lawful, and where ShoreGroup has a legal reason under which it is required or permitted not to erase such PII. In this circumstance, ShoreGroup will maintain the PII in confidence and segregate it to prevent further use until ShoreGroup is able to erase it.

1.6 Exercising Individual Rights

To exercise any of your individual rights, see Section 8: “CONTACT INFORMATION” below to submit your request. Your identity must be verifiable via email or phone.

1.7 Children’s / Minor’s Policy

ShoreGroup Services are not directed to individuals under the age of 18, and we do not knowingly collect PII from such individuals. If we become aware that an individual under the age of 18 has provided us with PII, we will take steps to erase such information. If you become aware that an individual under the age of 18 has provided us with PII, see Section 8: “CONTACT INFORMATION” to make us aware.


We collect PII including basic contact information (see Section 2.1: “What PII May Include”), preferences regarding communication and research areas, online behavior and use of our Services. See Section 3: “HOW WE USE YOUR INFORMATION” for further details. We do not collect payment (credit or debit card) information or healthcare-related information on this Site.

2.1 Personal Information You Provide to Us

What PII May Include

Depending on your interactions with us your PII may include:

  • Your name
  • Your job title
  • Company
  • Email address
  • Mailing address
  • Phone number
  • Fax number

Ways in Which PII Might Be Provided to ShoreGroup

  • By registering for access to our Site and Services, or a conference, summit, trade show, webinar, or free resource (which may involve third-party systems).• Submitting any form on the Site such as contact requests, asset downloads, and blog subscriptions.
  • When establishing a business or contractual relationship.
  • Contacting a ShoreGroup employee for assistance.
  • Identifying yourself, beyond an anonymous inquiry, via any other means, such as in-person meeting, phone, or postal mail.

Data Collected Through Downloading Content Using a ShoreGroup Service

Some content on our Site is accessible for visitors to download. In order to access certain content, you must submit a web form to let us know who you are.

Through Conferences and/or Events

We may collect PII from individuals interacting with ShoreGroup at conferences, summits, trade shows, webinars, or other events in which ShoreGroup is hosting or participating. When you permit your badge to be scanned, supply a business card, or share PII in other ways (either directly to ShoreGroup or affiliated third parties), the PII you provide may be added to our customer relationship management system. ShoreGroup may conduct follow-ups using this information.

Through Comments and Forums

Comments on ShoreGroup blog posts, social media posts, other public forums, and chat are collected by ShoreGroup as a form of contact, and ShoreGroup may conduct follow-ups using this information. Be aware that whenever you publicly disclose PII online, that information could be collected and used by others. ShoreGroup is not responsible for any action or policies of third parties that use PII that you publicly disclose on Site or Services.

2.2 Anonymous Data We Automatically Collect

If you do not make yourself known to ShoreGroup, your use of our Site and Services is anonymous. Anonymous data collected includes browsing and download activity on the Site, which may be matched to the PII you provide once you make yourself known. Further details on how we collect anonymous data can be found under our cookie policy in Section 6: “USE OF COOKIES & OTHER TECHNOLOGIES.”

Examples of Data We Collect

The following data may be collected when you access the Site via mobile phone, computer, tablet, or any other device:

  • IDs or PII for your device.
  • Cookies set by third-party data collection tools.
  • Pages visited on the Site.
  • Referring websites (websites linking to the Site).
  • Your browser version, screen resolution, and operating system.
  • IP address from your ISP connection or mobile carrier.
  • Amount of time spent on each page of the Site.
  • Search inquiries using a Site search function.
  • Heatmap showing click activity.

The Site may provide additional notices to you about the purpose and use of PII when it is collected.

2.3 Information Collected from Third Parties

Your PII may be supplemented with additional public and company information supplied by third-party vendors, which we may append or match to your record. Examples of information we may supplement include details about organizations and employees, and employee contact information (name, address, job title, telephone numbers, and email addresses).

2.4 Service Use

Automated data we collect includes usage of our Site, content downloads, webinar registrations, and views. This data can also include cookies, device information, and IP addresses. See our cookie policy in Section 6: “USE OF COOKIES & OTHER TECHNOLOGIES” and Section 3: “HOW WE USE YOUR INFORMATION” for more details.

Data collection by ShoreGroup employees is done through online surveys (using third-party software), email, personal interaction such as meetings, and phone calls. Access to your PII is restricted to those employees who need to know that information in order to process it and provide you with a personalized experience. These individuals are bound by confidentiality obligations and may be subject to disciplinary action, including employment termination, if they fail to meet those obligations. Event data we collect may include conference, summit, trade show, and webinar registrations.

2.5 Public Forums/Third-Party Websites

ShoreGroup’s Site and affiliated entity websites may have public forums. Any information posted in a public forum is at your discretion. ShoreGroup cannot prevent the public’s access to such information. If you are concerned about the privacy of information in public forums, do not post information in them. ShoreGroup and its affiliated entities will obtain your consent before posting any information related to your identity. Examples of public forums are:

  • Comments to blogs
  • Testimonials (textual and video)

Should you wish to have public forum information removed, see Section 8: “CONTACT INFORMATION” and submit your request including a description of the information and where it is located. Please be aware that ShoreGroup may be unable to remove information displayed outside of our Site and/or control.

The Site contains links to third-party websites not affiliated with ShoreGroup (i.e. LinkedIn, Twitter). Any PII disclosed on those websites is outside of ShoreGroup’s control. We encourage you to read their privacy policies as they may differ from ours.


PII Disclosure or Sharing

ShoreGroup and its affiliates may disclose your PII:

  • To the extent required by law; if we have reason to believe that disclosure will assist in investigations relating to the security and protection of our systems; or in response to search warrants, subpoenas, other judicial or administrative process, national security letters, or other demands that compel the release of PII under applicable law.
  • In connection with a sale, merger, reorganization, or other transfer of ShoreGroup’s business (including under bankruptcy proceedings).
  • To meet our contractual obligations where a vendor or third party is processing PII on our behalf. This is described further in the section below.


Data Processors and Disclosure of Your PII

ShoreGroup may use the services of third parties. Those services include (but are not limited to):

  • Website hosting.
  • Customer relationship management and data analytics applications.
  • Marketing automation applications.
  • Various other applications for which ShoreGroup controls data input.

These third parties do not access your PII unless it is required as part of a contractual support obligation. Our third-party service providers are responsible for their own privacy policies and procedures, and ShoreGroup has agreements in place by which they agree to maintain the confidentiality of PII and process PII only in accordance with ShoreGroup’s instructions.

3.1 How We Use Anonymous Data

Anonymous data is used to improve your experience with our Site and Services. ShoreGroup strives to provide the most compelling content at the right time during your visit with us. Anonymous data may also be used to track the effectiveness of our marketing.

3.2 How We Use Your PII

ShoreGroup does not sell or rent your PII to third parties. However, we may sell, transfer, or otherwise share some or all of our assets in connection with the sale, merger, reorganization, or other transfer of ShoreGroup’s business (including under bankruptcy proceedings).

To Stay in Touch and Keep You Informed

By opting into communications with ShoreGroup or otherwise sharing your PII with us, we will keep you up-to-date on Services, industry trends, new blog posts, products, events, and company news that match the interests you’ve expressed. See more details in Section 5: “Communications.”

To Establish Our Relationship with You

We use PII in order to market our products and services and to establish relationships. In addition, your PII is used to fulfill your support or other requests, communicate with you, conduct research, and personalize the content and options provided to you.

Video, Photos, Audio, and Streaming of Events

ShoreGroup holds or participates in live events within various public spaces. By attending an event, you acknowledge and agree that ShoreGroup and its service providers may record or live stream video, photos, and audio, post such media to its social channels or website, display feeds on monitors, and use such recordings for any lawful purpose in the ordinary course of ShoreGroup’s business. Attendees, exhibitors, sponsors, news organizations, and other businesses which are outside the control of ShoreGroup may also record or stream their own video, take pictures, or record audio of activities at these events.

Where Required by Law

ShoreGroup may disclose PII when required by a subpoena, court order, search warrant, other legal process, requests by law enforcement agencies, or applicable law. Moreover, we may disclose PII to the extent necessary to maintain the security of our Site and systems, resolve disputes, or to investigate possible misconduct.

3.3 Third-Party Services

ShoreGroup may partner with third parties for the purpose of delivering products and services that you are purchasing from us. ShoreGroup will convey PII to the third party on a need to know basis when required to deliver such products and services. When these third parties receive PII, they commit to governing its use and disclosure with privacy practices that are at least as restrictive as ShoreGroup’s Policy. Third parties are under no circumstances permitted to use this PII to send communications directly to our customers for any other purpose that is not expressly approved by ShoreGroup or accepted by the customer under the third-parties’ own privacy policy.


ShoreGroup does not deliver third-party online advertisements on our websites, but we may advertise our products and services on others’ websites. Please familiarize yourself with those website operators’ or network advertisers’ privacy policies to understand their practices relating to advertising. ShoreGroup does not provide PII we have collected about you or relating to your usage of the Site to advertising website operators or network advertisers.


When PII is collected, the reason is typically apparent or we inform the individual at the point of collection or upon our first communication of the purpose for the collection or usage and where appropriate, allow the individual to opt in by providing the requested PII to ShoreGroup. By opting in or otherwise sharing your PII with ShoreGroup, we will keep you up-to-date through email communications on Services, industry trends, new blog posts, products, events, and company news that match the interests you’ve expressed. By providing your PII, you are agreeing that you have permission to use the email address(es) provided and that they have been obtained in a manner compliant with applicable anti-spam laws, including the U.S. CAN-SPAM Act.

ShoreGroup provides individuals who elect to receive email communications the ability to opt out of those communications at a later time by using the unsubscribe function within an email received or see Section 8: “CONTACT INFORMATION” to submit a removal request. We will respond to submitted requests within three business days. You may still receive separate administrative and contractual communications regarding your relationship with ShoreGroup.


6.1 Cookies

Our Site and marketing automation application stores cookies on your computer or device. These cookies are used to collect information about how you interact with our Site and allow us to remember you. We use this information in order to improve and customize your browsing experience and for analytics and metrics about our visitors both on this Site and other media. Should you log into our Site, we will record your user ID in a cookie file on your computer or device. Cookies do not give us access to your PII.

Information collected by cookies may include:

  • Activity on our Site, such as the web pages you visit and the links you click.
  • Your browser type and/or operating system.
  • Your manner of connecting to the Site (including the type of computer or device you are using).
  • Your internet protocol (IP) address (not associated with a particular individual).
  • Data relating to malfunctions or problems occurring when you use the Site.
  • Data that helps us analyze traffic patterns and usage on the Site as well as to provide you with a better experience by showing you content relevant to your interests, improving content, and making the Site easier to use.

We use Google Analytics, which includes cookies to collect information that helps ShoreGroup manage the Site. The information generated by the cookies includes your IP address and will be transmitted to and stored by Google on its servers. Google will use this information for the purpose of evaluating your use of our Site, creating reports on Site activity, and providing other services relating to internet usage. Google may also pass this information on to third parties when required to do so by judicial or administrative process or otherwise to the extent required by law, or when such third parties process the information on Google’s behalf. By using our Site, you consent to Google processing data about your visit for the purposes set out above.

If you so choose, you can opt out of Google cookies by turning them off within the preferences settings in your browser, or by downloading and installing the Google Analytics Opt-Out Browser Add-On from https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout.

ShoreGroup’s use of cookies conforms to industry standards. Should you wish to not have cookies enabled when using our Site, you can change your browser’s preference settings to block cookies from shoregroup.com and no cookie-related data will be tracked.


6.2 Other Technologies

ShoreGroup may use standard internet technology, such as web beacons (also called “clear GIFs” or “pixel tags”), locally stored objects (often referred to as “flash cookies”), and other similar technologies, to deliver or communicate with cookies and track usage on the Site. ShoreGroup may also include web beacons in email messages or newsletters to determine whether messages have been opened and acted upon. The information ShoreGroup obtains enables the customization of Services and measures the effectiveness of the Site and marketing.

6.3 Information Used by Third-Party Websites and Services

Third parties, such as vendors, advertising entities, and business partners, may use cookies and other technologies (such as web beacons) to collect information about your online activities. ShoreGroup does not have access to or control over cookies or other features third parties may use, and their practices are not covered by this Policy.


7.1 Security Safeguards

ShoreGroup will protect PII with reasonable security safeguards against loss or theft, as well as unauthorized access, disclosure, copying, use, or modification. ShoreGroup uses the following industry-standard administrative, physical, and technical safeguards to protect PII collected from our Site:

  • Providing assurances of the integrity and confidentiality of PII.
  • Protecting against any reasonably anticipated threats or hazards to the security or integrity of PII, and unauthorized uses or disclosures of PII.
  • Maintaining compliance with the legal framework of requirements for the privacy and security of PII.

These methodologies, unfortunately, cannot 100% guarantee that internet transmissions will be protected, secured, or not otherwise intercepted.

7.2 Breach Notification

ShoreGroup will notify you in the event we experience a data breach involving your PII.


Contact Us to request changes to your PII, be removed from our contact list, ask questions, or report a privacy concern.

ShoreGroup Solutions
One Penn Plaza
Suite 3308
250 West 34th Street
New York, NY 10119

Phone: +1 (212) 364-6800


We may update this Policy from time to time. If we modify our Policy, we will post the revised version here with an updated revision date. You agree to visit these pages periodically to be aware of and review any such revisions. If we make material changes to our Policy, we may also notify you by other means prior to the changes taking effect, such as by posting a notice on our Site or sending you a communication. By continuing to use our Site and Services after such revisions are in effect, you accept and agree to the revisions and to abide by them.

The ShoreGroup Solutions Privacy Policy was revised and posted on April 26, 2019.

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